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IPMED129 Medallion

Federal Style Diameter 25-1/2" (64.7cm)



 How to Order  

  IPMED129 ceiling medallion Federal Style 25-1/2 inch 

Splitting and hole cutting service  








   Media & Movies

IPMED127 Brochure    

   link to custom medallion page

           PRODUCT MOVIE


  Hole cutting and Splitting services


               youtube movie covers styles, sizing and installation




    Photo Gallery






   Chandelier Cupola or Canopy

  Photo shows canopy  




 The chandelier's canopy or cupola is shown above


 The canopy covers the electrical wires and the receptacle box in the ceiling

 The receptacle box is usually 3-3/4" octagon shape and is attached to the



 The canopy is attached to the treaded rod where the wires come out of the

 receptacle box


 The canopy does NOT go through to hole of the medallion rather it sits

 on the surface of the medallion


 The medallion may have a flat area around the hole or it may have a design

 You can select a medallion with a center flat area slightly larger than the

 diameter of the canopy or you can put the canopy directly to the decorative

 motif on the medallion covering part of the pattern. Since it is high up it is

 unlikely to be noticed. 


 For deep medallions you will need to acquire a longer threaded rod

 or extender to attach the connector 





   Alternative Sizes

   IPMED148 medallion 32-1/2 inch    

  IPMED164 ceiling medallion 44-1/2"  






     Paints for Medallions  

click for Real Metal Coatings




 Installation Notes & Products

    Install Notes


         Approved Construction Adhesive




 How to Order Custom Medallions 

 Custom services available for medallions sizes, hole cutting, split in half, fire rating   Explore custom materials for medallions  learn about custom textures   learn about historic reproductions and new designs   learn about metal coating options


 Optional Services

   click for split service

  * All medallion can be split in half for easier installation. 

 * We attempt to split the medallion in a spot that will have the least impact

   to the design features


 * Medallion are split by hand with a thin blade

 * There can be possible irregular cuts to avoid feature loss



  * Most receptacle boxes are 3-3/4"

 * The chandelier canopy does not go through the hole


 * Larger holes or multiple holes can be requested for special circumstances

 * We will supply a paper template for you to return to us for custom

    hole cutting. Extra charges apply 



 * Some medallions come with small 1" holes, while others come with

    no holes 

 * Any hole size can be requested for your purchase at an extra charge








  Learn about ArchPolymer material

  youtube movie all about archpolymer material

 Specify for:  

 * Residential Applications

 * Commercial with optional

    fire rating in the mix    


 Feature Benefits:

 * Interior & Exterior Use

 * Water Rot Insect Resistant

 * White Primed Paint by others

 * Hi-Quality Looks like Plaster

    but lite weight

 * Cuts like wood

 * Some models may not have

    solid backs 




  learn about GRG-NeoPlaster

     youtube movie about GRG-neoplaster 

 Specify for:  

 * Commercial Applications

 * Discerning Clients wanting

    Real Plaster


  Feature Benefits:

 * Tape & mud in place

 * Prime & Paint by others

 * Class-A fire rated

 * Some models may be hollow


 * Interior use only



 Flexible ResinMold ®

 learn about flexible resinmold

   youtube movie about flexible resinmold

 Specify for:  

 * Vaulted or Barrel Ceilings

    Curved Walls

 * Commercial Application

    Class-A Fire Rated


  Feature Benefits:

 * Primed, Paint-Stain by others

 * Interior / Exterior use



  Submit Radius for model



 Fire Rating



 * Order Class A Fire Rating in the mix

 * or Apply Fire Rated primer to the product 3 coats 72hours between coats

    Commercial requires a coating specialist certification    



 * An alpha Gypum Non Combustible

    Class A Fire Rated in the mix and inherent property of Gypsum


  ResinMold ®

 * Class A Fire Rated in the mix






   real metal coating for medallions


 Real Metal Coating:  

 * For ArchPolymerTM or GRG-NeoPlasterTM

 * Commercial Application or High End Residential



  Feature Benefits:

 applied to the substrate 

 * Interior / Exterior use


 Note: High end Budget Finishing


    specialty paints for ceiling medallions


 DIY - Paints


  Metal Leaf Paints  

 * Vast selection of Golds, Bronzes, Silvers, Pewters

    and Coppers 


 Japan Colors: 

 * Collection of Renaissance Colors


 Florescent Paint  

 * Bright and Wild


 High Gloss Enamels and Lettering Enamels  

 * Add special touch to the decorative features






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