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Imperial offers Historic Duplications of ceiling medallions.  Send us broken medallion parts and we can recreate the original medallion like new. Also we produce unique designed  medallions from photos and submitted drawings.


Ceiling Medallions can be duplicated in ArchPolymer and  GRG-Neo-Plaster. They can be  made flexible from  ResinMold ® for vaulted ceilings and domes.



 a) Historic Reproductions

      Select any of our models or unique designs made Flexible


   Send us Photos of the broken medallions or photos of the former medallions.

  We will do a quote for you.   If you want an exact duplication send us the

  broken pieces so that a new medallion can be created.


 From this Broken Plaster Medallion......



   ... To this Fire Rated ArchPolymer Repro








 b) Concept Drawings to New Product

     Send us CAD drawings for a quote

 From this......




 To this








 c) Vaulted Curved Ceiling Medallions

      Select any of our models or unique designs made Flexible



 Imagine a curved or vaulted ceiling or ceiling dome that is enhanced with a one of a kind ceiling

  medallion or our stock models for  your chandelier. 

  Made from Class A Fire Rated Flexible ResinMold®

 Examine our extensive standard line of medallions







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