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    Modern ceiling panels from Imperial Productions  

 Coffered ceiling and wall panels

  Rosettes for ceiling centers from Imperial Productions   Selection of Imperial Ceiling Domes   Light coves radius and straight   Imperial crown mouldings curved and straight   Custom vaults and bulkheads for ceilings





 Price Books 



  Canada $




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   2000 Ceiling Decor


 * Tin, Copper, Aluminum Panels 

 * Light Valences, Vaults

 * Medallions & Rings

 * ArchPolymer, GRG-NeoPlasterTM

 * Flexible: ResinMold®  

 * Prices - FOB Factory Direct




   US $




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   2000 Ceiling Decor


 * Tin, Copper, Aluminum Panels 

 * Light Valences, Vaults

 * Medallions & Rings

 * ArchPolymer, GRG-NeoPlasterTM

 * Flexible: ResinMold®  

 * Prices - FOB Factory Direct






 create spectacular ceilings with medallions, tin, coffers and mouldings

 Create Beautiful

 Ceilings with

 Medallions, Panels,

 Domes,  Boiserie, 

 Tin Ceilings

 Custom & Standard




 On Line Elements

click pics for the collection 



 Medallions & Rings


   250 ceiling medallions from plaster, archpolymer, flexible resinmold



  make your existing medallion larger by adding a ring



  Flexible medallions for vaults and curved ceilings




 Panels and Coffers


   50 metal panels, tin ceilings, copper and aluminum for exterior applications



 coffered panels easy to install



  create coffered ceilings with an easy to use coffer kit



  old english beams - light weight easy to install



  GRG and FRP segmented custom ceiling coffers



  coffered frames for tin ceilings





 Domes and Vaults


  recessed ceiling domes for foyers and great rooms



  easy to install surface domes create a wonderful illusion of a real dome



  large variety of light coves, straight, curved and arched



  half and full vaults for illusion of height



  exterior structural and decorative domes, mosque domes, church domes



  curved bulkheads for residential and commercial settings





 Decorative Elements


  Create fabulous ceilings with moulding, appliques and crown



  Rosettes for ceiling, walls and cabinetry large selection



  Frieze and Rinceau for walls, ceilings, building exteriors, curved and straight



  Appliques for ceiling, doors and walls



 curved and straight crown mouldings flexible for curved walls and arches



  board and batten for ceilings and cabinetry



  stepped crown moulding creates interesting vaults



  easy to terminate crown mouldings with crown blocks



  Smooth Crowns available straight and curved



  Dentil Block crown moulding available straight and curved



  arched crowns made from ResinMold



  Curved crowns made from flexible Resinmold



                          Create fabulous ceilings with crowns, medallions, rings all from Imperial Productions



 Decorative Ceiling Information


  how to size a medallion   Learn about the history of the ceiling medallion  How to install a medallion   Explore Design Principles



   Design Challenges are Solved for Modern or Traditional Ceilings

  * ResinMold® Medallions bend for curved ceilings, vaults & ceiling domes

  * Fire Rated Medallions for Commercial and high end Residential Projects

  * Custom Historic Reproductions & Unique Designs

  * Expansion rings to make existing installations larger

  * Coffers are made easy with our Coffered Kits for the DIY or Contractor

     Make a bold statement  Metal Panels in fills.


 A generous selection of materials include GRG-NeoPlasterTM, ArchPolymerTM

Carved Wood and a Flexible ResinMold ®, Tin, Aluminum, Copper Ceiling Decor makes a bold statement in any environment on walls ceilings and doors both modern and traditional.

 Finish elements with  Specialty Paints and Real Metal Coating   




  Decorative Ceiling Medallions:


Imagine a curved or vaulted ceiling or ceiling dome that is enhanced with a one of a kind ceiling medallion for your chandelier.


From Victorian Coffered Ceilings to Arts and Crafts Barrel Vaults to Modern Rounded Bulkheads, Imperial can create flexible ceiling medallions for curved or domed ceilings.


For flat ceilings your unique home or commercial remodeling projects are enhanced with a custom ceiling  rosette or ceiling center.


A medallion is a focal point of ceiling trim and Ceiling Boiserie !


These ceiling design creations are custom made in flexible ResinMold® or GRG-NeoPlasterTM  meeting ASTM-E84 fire rating, or ArchPolymerTM  coated with fire barrier primer where needed.


A coffered ceiling with rounded vaults is an outstanding feature for any remodeling project. When you need to make an architectural statement, in your home or commercial renovation, Imperial Productions

 is your place for custom ceiling medallions.


 Imperial Productions is located in the USA and Canada and ships to 16 countries for over 21 years.




 Explore the Materials


     Learn all about ArchPolymer Materials for Ceiling Medallions, Crowns


  Learn about ArchPolymer




     Learn all about ResinMold flexible medallions and crowns for arches and curves


  learn all about resinmold material


GRG-NeoPlasterTM is a lite weight Alpha Gypsum strong enforced plaster material that meets Class A fire rating. It is about 2-3 lbs per square foot for interior applications


 learn about GRG-NeoPlaster properties


ArchliteTM is a PolyVinyl Composite Sheet ideal for laser straight through or recessed cutting of flat decorative architectural products. Thickness 1/2" water rot and insect resistant. Will not twist, Interior and Exterior use








Imperial Ceiling Decor - 1000's of Ceiling Enhancement Products

  Imperial Productions ®  

 Ceiling & Wall Decor

   Spectacular High Quality Design Elements






  Contact Us:  1-800-399-7585   


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