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 Frequently Asked Questions 

 Medallion Installation / Sizing / Design


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styles of imperial medallions ornate to modern

  youtube movie covers styles, sizing and installation

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The following notes are intended as suggestions only for your benefit. 

Consult with your own structural engineer, architect or designer for further advise.

You local codes and conditions may vary consult with your city hall for local statutes. 



 Design Questions 



 How To Size a Medallion for a chandelier ? 


  Watch Tiktok video


 Let Dr Details Explain

 about Sizings 

Ceiling Medallions were created as fire barriers in the early 1800's when lighting was either oil, gas, or candle power.  To avoid fires they were made of non combustible plaster.  As a design precedent medallions are always larger than the lighting fixture.  If they are the same size as the light fixture they simply look wrong and this effect is amplified the higher the ceiling is.


  Here is a simple calculation to guide you 

  multiple widest part of the chandelier  by 38.2 % 


  Sizing is based on the Golden Rule called PHi

  This is the ratio calculation PHi (1.618) 


  Here is a simple example calculation to consider

  1- (.618) = (.382)  ie 38.2%

  This keeps within the Golden Rule of Phi


  18" chandelier (widest point) x 1.38 = a 25 inch medallion


  No rules rule so select 29", 25" or what ever matches your design


  Always remember that when you view the medallion mounted on the

  ceiling it will appear much smaller from your perspective at a lower level

  By selecting one that uses the  golden rule calculation, it will appear to

  be the right size with the correct visual distortion with higher ceilings





 The Hole Size and the Chandelier Canopy


  Photo shows the octagon box in the ceiling, the canopy which is part of the chandelier


 The Chandlier


 Does NOT

 go through

 the Hole

The chandelier canopy fits up to the medallion and does not go through the hole in the medallion.  The hole gives you access to the threaded rod affixed to the bracket that attaches to the receptacle box.


 Click to see Install Instructions for more details 





 Where did the idea of medallions come from ?

  Simple Answer: 

  They were fire barriers for candle and gas chandeliers... 


   Learn about the history of the ceiling medallion   <= For more read the article




  Do I have to replace my existing medallion

 to make it bigger


  Simple Answer:  No

  Add an expansion ring and paint the drywall section

  between the ring and the existing medallion the same color

 <- See the Results


   To View the Ring Collection =>   




 I have a vaulted or curved ceiling

 can I add a medallion that fits the curve?

    All medallions are available flexible for vaulted ceilings 

 Simple Answer:  Yes


  Many of the medallions are available in ResinMold®

  It is a synaptic polymer that is flexible

 Time frame minimum 4 weeks


  <= click link to learn about custom items 

 Watch the Video on ResinMold®    Youtube Video on flexible Resinmold




 Custom Questions     



 Can you do historic restorations or Unique Designs?

    learn about historic reproductions and new designs

  Simple Answer:  Yes

  Send us a photo and size of the broken medallion and we can quote

  it's recreation OR a concept drawing of a unique design.




 <- Connect to custom page




 Can you supply in hand carved hardwood ? 


  Simple Answer:  Yes


  We can supply existing designs or unique designs in hand carved



  Also Colonial Disks up to 10 Feet Diameter in Turned Hardwoods





  Hole cutting and Splitting services  

  Custom Services to make installation easier


  We offer the following services


  a) Splitting a medallion in half for easier installs


  b) Cutting custom hole sizes


  c) Finishing in Real Metal


  d) Painted Medallions 


  See all our Other Services - click here    





 Install Questions



  How do I install my new medallion ?

  Install notes with photos


  click here for Install Notes


  There are notes on ArchPolymerTM and GRG-NeoPlasterTM




  Can I use any construction glue?

  Approved Construction Adhesive 


  Simple Answer:   No


  If you select ArchPolymerTM you must use an adhesive specially for

  this material otherwise it might damage the medallion. 

  Always read the instruction before applying.  


  Call for Larger Orders

    Click to order construction adhesive   



 Can I use any latex filler to cover the gaps?

 Spackling Compound


  Simple Answer:  Yes but ...


  If you use latex filler to cover the gap between the medallion and the

  ceiling it invariably dries out over time and shrinks.  This vinyl splacking

  compound is way better as it dries hard and can be sanded.

  Always  read the instruction before applying.  

    click to buy spackling compound



 What is a Canopy?

 Photo shows canopy



 The chandelier's canopy or cupola is shown above


 The canopy covers the electrical wires and the receptacle box in the ceiling

 The receptacle box is usually 3-3/4" octagon shape and is attached to the



 The canopy is attached to the treaded rod where the wires come out of the

 receptacle box


 The canopy does NOT go through to hole of the medallion rather it sits

 on the surface of the medallion


 The medallion may have a flat area around the hole or it may have a design

 You can select a medallion with a center flat area slightly larger than the

 diameter of the canopy or you can put the canopy directly to the decorative

 motif on the medallion covering part of the pattern. Since it is high up it is

 unlikely to be noticed. 


 For deep medallions you will need to acquire a longer threaded rod

 or extender to attach the connector 


   click here for Install Notes





  Can Imperial supply Class A Fire Rated Medallions ?



  Yes - click here for Fire Rating


  Class A ArchPolymerTM and GRG-NeoPlasterTM






  All About the Materials



  Can Imperial supply Custom Textures ?

  learn about custom textures


  Yes - click for Texture Options


  Class A ArchPolymerTM and GRG-NeoPlasterTM




  What is the ArchPolymerTM?

  click for ArchPolymer Movie



  Simple Answer:  Like a synthetic wood 

  It is not a cheap plastic really looks like plaster but is

  lite weight and easy to install.  

  They come primed and need to be painted. 

  Interior & Exterior use.


  ArchPolymerTM meets class A fire rating only when it is

  on Custom special order to have the fire retardant put into

   the material mix or fire barrier primer can be applied in 3

   coats.  This is a requirement in some jurisdictions or

   commercial buildings such as offices or places of worship.


 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet





  What is the GRG-NeoPlasterTM?

  watch Video on GRG-NeoPlaster   

  Simple Answer: 

  Like a traditional plaster but heavier and less fragile

  for packing.  GRG-NeoPlasterTM is Class A fire rated. 

  Priming and painting by others.  Interior Use


  <- Watch the Video

 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet





  Hardwood Properties




  Imperial offers larger Colonial Disks up to 10 Feet in Diameter

  or Carved Detailed Medallions


 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet




  ZeamentTM Properties

  Youtube video on Stonemold and Zeament

  Simple Answer:  Known as GFRC, our ZeamentTM is

  a stone composite for exterior applications.

  Class A fire rated, Finishing by others

 click for Full Details & Architectural Material Data Sheet







  Got more Videos

   click for our Youtube channel

  Simple Answer:  Yes

  We are striving to make videos on each product but this takes time.



 <=  Click for our YouTube Channel









  Can Imperial supply Medallions Metal Coated ?

  learn about metal coating options


  Yes - click for Metal Coating


  Class A ArchPolymerTM and GRG-NeoPlasterTM




  Can Imperial supply Medallions Painted ?



  Yes - click for Factory Painting




 Factory Finishes


    DIY Paints


 DIY - Paints


  Metal Leaf Paints  

 * Vast selection of Golds, Bronzes, Silvers, Pewters

    and Coppers 


 Japan Colors: 

 * Collection of Renaissance Colors


 Florescent Paint  

 * Bright and Wild


 High Gloss Enamels and Lettering Enamels  

 * Add special touch to the decorative features






  Got more Questions ? 

  One of our sales associates will be pleased to answer any other questions you have


  Call us or Email  =>  






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