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  Victorian and Renaissance Revival is the period from 1837 to 1901

  It is depicted by an elaborate richness of ornate design elements

  Finish with bold dark Colors providing a opulent and warm atmosphere. 




  VICTORIAN STYLE    click pics for Full Page & To Buy


made from ArchPolymerTM / GRG-NeoPlasterTM / Flexible ResinMold® / Metal

   IPNP1000 medallion 16-3/4" x 11-7/8"    IPNP1000H Victorian Medallion   IPNP1028 medallion 16-3/4 inch
   IPNP1028H medallion 16-3/4 inch    IPNP1049 medallion 18 inch    IPNP1047 ceiling medallion 18 inch
   IPNP1044 ceiling medallion 18 inch       IPMED112 medallion 21" x 12"
   IPMED112H medallion 21 x 12"     IPMED115 medallion 21 inch     IPMED117 ceiling medallion 21-1/2 inch
    IPMED120 medallion 22 inch     IPNP1003 medallion 23-5/8 x 12     IPNP1009 ceiling medallion 23-3/4 inch
   IPMED181 medallion 24 inch    IPNP1041 ceiling medallion 24-1/2" x 23-3/8"     IPNP1008 ceiling medallion 26 inch
   IPMED131 medallion 26-1/2 inch    IPNP1061 ceiling medallion 28 inch     IPNP1007 medallion 28 inch 
   IPNP1007H ceiling medallion 28 inch     IPMED518 medallion ArchPolymer     IPMED518 plaster
   IPMED137 medallion 28 inch    IPMED137H medallion 28 inch    IPNP1004 medallion 30-1/4 inch 
    IPNP1004H ceiling medallion 30-1/4 inch      IPNP1069 ceiling medallion 30-1/2 inch       IPNP1001 30-1/2 Inch x 20 inch   
  IPNP1001H Victorian Medallion       IPMED182 Gothic     IPMED143 medallion 32-3/8 inch
    IPMED143H medallion 32-3/8 inch     IPMED150 Victorian medallion 32-1/2 inch      IPMED162 ceiling medallion 32-1/2 inch
   IPNP1012 ceiling medallion 32-1/2 inch       IPMED174 ceiling medallion 34-1/2 inch      IPNP1010 ceiling medallion 35" x 22-1/2"
    IPMED511 polymer     IPMED511 plaster      IPMEC1004 medallion 36 inch
    IPMED517 ArchPolymer    IPMED517 SPLIT ArchPolymer        IPMED517 GRG-NeoPlaster
  IPNP1070 victorian medallion 36" x 26"   IPNP1070 Split   IPMED170 ceiling medallion 40-5/8 inch square
           IPMED163 SPLIT     IPMED165 medallon 45-1/4 inch
   IPMED165H medallion 45-1/4 inch     IPMED167 medallion 70-1/4" x 45-3/4"     IPMED168 diamond shape medallion
   IPMED168H with hole    IPMED168H-SPLIT-POL - split for less expensive shipping    IPMED168H-PLA  GRG-NeoPlaster
   IPMED512 medallion 72" x 43"         IPMED512 Plaster     IPMRD8000 medallion



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  Rosettes for ceiling centers from Imperial Productions


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